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Tasting Room Hours: Mon-Thurs 3-8pm, Fri & Sat 12-9pm, Sun 1-6pm. Call: (720) 985-2337

This Week’s Beer Menu:

Barrel-Aged Vanilla Rum Porter – Strange Days
Basil Kriek Blonde – Strange Days
Breakfast Grapefruit IPA
Cherry Bomb Belgian Stout
Cherry Kriek – World Cup Gold Award Winner
Coffee Pale – Strange Days
Dr Strangelove 2013/2014 Vertical – Strange Days + GABF Bronze Medal
IPAphany IPA
Le Bruit du Diable Farmhouse Ale
Maibock – Seasonal
Oaked Dr Strangelove – Strange Days
Powerhouse Porter
Strange Pale Ale
151 Anniversary Tripel
1000 Barrels Imperial IPA
ZORA Pale Ale – Strange Days


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  • Cherry Kriek

    Think cherry pie in a glass. Think cherries picked fresh from the tree. Not a Lambic Sour, this Belgian Dark Wheat Ale has so many cherries crammed into every glass even the foamy head is red. The tartness of the Montmorency Cherries plays well with the sweetness of our Belgian yeast strain. The result is a cherry lover’s dream come true. Goes great with dark chocolate, with fudge brownies, with chocolate gateau, with cacao nibs, with... well you get the picture. And did we mention cherries? 5.0% ABV 15 IBUs

  • Breakfast Grapefruit IPA

    Start your day off right, with a glass of grapefruit, IPA that is. This citrus India Pale Ale using Citra and Amarillo hops is just what the doctor ordered! A complex grain bill creates a strong malt backbone. The addition of grapefruit juice accentuates the citrus hop character, increases the perceived bitterness, and dries out the finish, making for a very drinkable IPA. Don't skip breakfast! It's the most important meal of the day. 6.5% ABV  60 IBUs

  • Le Bruit Du Diable - Farmhouse

    Fruity, spicy, malty with just the right amount of Czech Saaz hoppiness. This big, bold beautiful Belgian ale will sneak up on you with it’s easy drinkability and its high alcohol. Enjoy this brew  carefully so as not to Get ‘Housed! 8.3% ABV 42 IBUs

  • 1000 Barrels Imperial IPA

    In honor of hitting 1000 barrels brewed since we opened in 2010, we went big time with a hop monster. Over 3 pounds of Simcoe, Amarillo, and Summit hops per barrel in this light gold 8.25% ABV easy-drinking Imperial IPA. 8.25 ABV 90 IBUs

  • IPAphany Ale

    This is not your daddy’s IPA. A big, malty, hoppy, well-rounded, lusciously smooth and drinkable India Pale Ale. Simcoe, Amarillo, and Cascade hops. 7.0%ABV 65 IBUs

  • Cherry Bomb Belgian Stout

    With smells like a sweet cherry compote you might find on Belgian Waffles in a gastronomic dream, this sweet, then puckering brew is loaded with both Montmorency Tart Cherries and tons of Carafa malt. 5.2% ABV 46 IBUs  

  • Powerhouse Porter

    Reminiscent of brew first tried in a London pub, this robust porter has a balanced blend of chocolate and black malts to give it that tasty darkness found only in an English Porter. 5.5% ABV, 29 IBUs

  • 151 Anniversary Tripel

    Brewed in the classic Belgian style, with a Colorado twist, instead of Belgian candi sugar, we used Colorado honey from BeeYond the Hive. This gives our Anniversary Tripel a crisp taste and smooth finish.  ABV 8.5% IBUs 36

  • Strange Pale Ale

    Brewed in the American Style. Big and hoppy, but balanced and incredibly drinkable. Five different malts and three different hops balance all that malt and give Strange Pale Ale its huge hop character. Simcoe, Amarillo, and Cascade hops. 4.8% ABV 40 IBUs

  • Pumpkin Saison

    This sessionable Belgian Saison features 150 pounds of pumpkin in the boil. Finished with just the right amount of pie spice for a festive holiday experience. 4.8% ABV 25 IBUs


  • Pumpkin Porter

    Using over 450 lbs. Of baking pumpkins (~45 lbs. Per barrel), this robust porter blends spices with roasty, burnt chocolate, and sweeter toffee-like notes— and did i mention pumpkin? Mild acidity from darker malts and a medium body make this brew surprisingly light on the tongue, with a lasting but moderate roasted finish 5.8% ABV  29 IBUs

  • Chocolate Raspberry Love Stout

    Our yearly brew for stout month and valentine’s day, this Belgian Stout incorporates loads of raspberries and cacao nibs. Need we say more? Kegs will also be available at all 5 Vine Street locations for their Stout Month. 9.5% ABV

  • Big Malty Winter Brew

    Really happy with the way this one turned out! Its name pretty much describes. 'Nuff said! This 7 malt English Ale is perfect to warm you on a chilly winter day. 6.7% ABV 23 IBUs

  • Gingerbread Man

    A big American Brown spiced with Grandma’s gingerbread cookie recipe. Think liquid gingerbread. Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves and Allspice. Perfect for a cold winter night. You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man! 6.7% ABV

  • Pumpkin Saison

    This sessionable Belgian Saison features 150 pounds of pumpkin in the boil. Finished with just the right amount of pie spice for a festive holiday experience. 4.8% ABV 25 IBUs

  • Heather's Ale

    Our annual fresh-hopped IPA made with fresh Nugget hops from High Wire in Paonia. Twenty pounds in the boil and another twenty for dry-hopping. A portion of proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society. 7.0% ABV  65 IBUs

  • Watermelon Hefe

    Our summer seasonal, Strange celebrates the return of summer with watermelon in a glass. Over 660 pounds of organic watermelon go into this refreshing Hefeweizen. Bright and crisp, this easy-drinking wheat brew is perfect for a hot summer day. 5% ABV

Gone but not forgotten

Brews that are either out of stock or not being produced at this time.

  • StrangeTail IV

    The fourth edition of this collaboration series between Strange Craft and our good friends at Freetail Brewing Company out of San Antonio, TX. This time we brewed a silngel-malt Imperial Belgian IPA  with German Hersbrucker and German Triskel hops and Piloncillo cane sugar from Mexico, then fermented it with our house Belgian yeast. Enjoy this Belgian taste of Texas / Colorado craft. 16° Plato  8.0% ABV  47 IBUs

  • Dr Strangelove Barleywine

    This Barleywine represents our first foray into the world of big beers. Incredibly balanced and drinkable for a beer of this size, Dr. StrangeLove explodes on the tongue with gobs of dried fruit flavors. The three pounds of American hops per barrel barely keep up with the huge malt presence, and the extremely dry finish makes the Doctor deceivingly light for such a high alcohol brew. 11.5% ABV 99 IBUs

  • ZORA Rosemary Pale

    This Oatmeal Pale explores the boundaries of Pale Ale ingredients. Oatmeal gives it a creamy texture, Organic Agave Nectar increases gravity, Zythos hops add a Tangerine citrus character, and fresh Rosemary in the dryhop creates a unique aroma of a pine forest. 6.5% ABV 55

  • Strangely Epic

    When a craft beer David and Goliath brew together, the result is sure to be epic. Strangely Epic. Such is the case with this brew. A blend of Epic Brewing’s monster imperial stout Big Bad Baptist and Strange’s tart fruit explosion Cherry Kriek, the result is a complex journey thru coffee, chocolate, and cherries. Get this collaboration quick! It won’t last long. 8.0%ABV   F the IBUs!!!

  • Simultaneous Saison

    A traditional Saison using the same recipe at 6 breweries, with all mashing in at the same time.  Each brewery finished their brews with different ingredients. Our batch incorporates fresh Lemongrass and Key Lime juice, giving this beer a light and refreshing finish. 5.2% ABV   35 IBUs

  • Dubbel Jeopardy

    What do you get when two strange brewers face similar lawsuits over their name? Dubbel Jeopardy. This Belgian Dubbel was brewed in collaboration with Neil and Mike from StrangeWays Brewing Company in Richmond, VA. Strangers brought together after facing similar legal challenges, Neil, Mike and Tim celebrate keeping Strange with this fruity dark Belgian creation. 7.6% ABV  21 IBUs

  • 2nd Runnings Pale

    Our last fresh hopped brew of the year, 2014. We might have saved the best for last! Brewed from the second runnings of our latest Dr StrangeLove batch, this Pale Ale is hopped with fresh Colorado Cascade, Chinook, and Nugget from High Wire Hops in Paonia. A light gold malt base upholds the huge hop presence. Cheers to Colorado hops!  5.5% ABV  30 IBUs

  • Strange Wit

    We’re fast-forwarding this traditional favorite with generous portions of both malted and unmalted wheat. Just the right amount of spices added to compliment all that hazy wheat goodness. Our lightest craft beer option. 5.0% ABV 22 IBUs

  • Jack Stout

    Notes of chocolate and coffee pervade in this Dry Irish Stout. English hops compliment but don’t overpower, allowing you to enjoy the roast of this brew. 4.3% ABV 34 IBUs

  • Juliette Belgian Pale

    High quality Pilsner malt, a touch of Belgian caramel malt, and a large portion of white wheat. Amarillo hops give Juliette a unique citrus character, and a touch of Ginger, Coriander, and Bitter Orange finish her off. 5.5% ABV, 42 IBUs

  • Chain Smokin Stranger

    Smoked Red collaboration with Chain Reaction.

  • Gluten-Free Lemon Pale

    For those of us that Barley and Wheat doesn't agree with. This tasty Pale Ale gets its champagne brightness from gobs of Western Slope Colorado honey and its citrusy character from Amarillo hops rather than lemon or orange peel. 5.5%ABV   25 IBUs